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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spicy News

Dia Mirza dubs herself in her first Bengali film

Whenever Bollywood actresses have done Bengali films in the past, they have "never been heard". From Aishwarya Rai (Chokher Bali) to Manisha Koirala (Khela) to Bipasha Basu (Shob Choritro Kalponik), the B-town beauties have always been dubbed by local actresses or voice artistes. But for Paanch Adhyay, her first regional film, Dia Mirza has dubbed her Bengali lines herself.
Dia, whose mother is a Bengali, plays the half-Bengali Ishita, an English school teacher, in the film co-starring Priyanshu Chatterjee and the legend Soumitra Chatterjee. "I would say my Bangla was decent before I filmed Paanch Adhyay and post filming, spending time in Kolkata, conversing with so many people during my time there, it has only gotten better. I still would like to learn to think in Bangla," says Dia.
Paanch Adhyay, written and directed by first-timer Pratim D. Gupta, is the journey of a couple across the five chapters of their lives. "My character travels through the ups and downs of marriage and the poignancy of love... lost and found," adds Dia. "I am at a head space now where I am looking to expand my horizons. Bangla is my mother tongue and it makes all the more special that my first regional film is Bengali."
The film, which has music by Shantanu Moitra, is currently in post-production and is eyeing a late summer release this year in Bengal and the metro cities. 

Akanksha Awasthi: Powerhouse Performer
Akanksha Awasthi is not complaining about the producers for being type cast in mature roles. The Lucknow lass, already a familiar face in drawing rooms across the board with a slew of appearances in various shows across satellite channels is lapping up all the accolades coming her way. Some of her dramatic performances can be seen in - Ghar Ki lakshmi Betiyan -Zee, Waqt batayega kaun apna kaun paraya -Sony, Raja ki ayegi barat-Star Plus, Beendh banunga Ghodi Chadhunga - NDTV Imagine,Kismat ka Khel - 9 X.
Akankshas’s wide range has seen her essay roles that have brought to fore her command over comedy, negative & high-drama roles- not a bad sign for a 25 year old whose career-clock has just ticked off.
All seems hunky dory for the lady but the only thing gnawing at Akanksha all the time is her weight. Her working out for a good couple of hours every day & defying hunger pangs has still not got her in shape- a day she dreams of. The producers though are more than happy to cast the actor for her versatility as they saddle her with all kinds of meaty roles.
Case in point is the highly rated “Uttaran” where she plays the Mami of the lead actor, Tapasya. The role offers her a chance to show a variety of emotions. “ I love the character graph of Rohini, where I oscillate between being a show-pony to a mindless woman who blindly follows her husband, in whatever he says or does. I really love her innocence that pins her husband in a quandary at all times”, she gushes. Her on-off-screen chemistry with her husband in the show played by, Amandeep Arora, is also in the news. “Indeed, can’t you see it in our performances? I think it is very important to be at ease with your co-stars” she chirps.
She is quite at ease with her role in the show “Uttaran”. The stellar show is poised for a huge leap. The new Mami is richer & more confident. She now strives to live up to her new found status by speaking the Queens language leading to hilarious consequences. Her constant refrain “Oh my God” at inopportune moments will tickle many a funny bone.
Doesn’t she think an 18 year leap in the show is too much of a risk to take so early in her career? “Why would I grumble? I have signed up with one of the best production houses & am working with a brilliant director of the television industry. More importantly, i get timely payments” she says, tongue firmly in cheek. In a world where, veiling the obvious is the norm Akanksha’s Bindaas attitude is like a breath of fresh air. It has her ready to take up any challenges that come her way & perform like few can.

Popular Prakashan has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

What’s Wrong With Mr Right?

Riteish Deshmukh is certainly Mr Right for Genelia and we all know it. But could it be possible at Mr Right has imperfections? We could not possibly answer that for you, however debut author and journalist Shakti Salgaokar attempts to do so with her debut novel, Imperfect Mr Right.

Imperfect Mr Right is about Rahul Rajgopalan, perfume salesman, who gets the opportunity of his lifetime: a chance to star in a reality show wherein he ‘plays’ the role of a multi-millionaire Rajsingh Jaiswal. For this Rajgopalan gets to be ‘pretty woman’: a fairy tale encounter with wealth and fortune, where he gets to savour the high life of a socialite, as well as walk the talk. Will it last?

Wooing Ragopalan-Rajsingh are scores of beautiful young girls who really are in search of Mr Right. One of them is Tanya Kher, an ambitious media planner, who’s in the show for lark and who is not only on a work sabbatical, but who desperately needs to introspect about where she is heading for in life. Steering this and much more is the calculating head of a television network who knows exactly what he is doing and doesn’t care whose toes he steps on, as long as he gets his numbers.

What’s right in all the wrong?

Well that’s something newly wedded Riteish Deshmukh may choose to answer while he launches the book. Or perhaps author, journalist, ex-radio presenter, gossip columnist Leela Shakti Salgaokar may do so. Whatever it is, the book release of Imperfect Mr Right is guaranteed to be interesting.

Attending the book release is Shakti’s proud grandfather, Jyotirbhaskar Mr Jatyantrao Salgaokar, founder of Sumangal Press and of the famous Kalnirnay calendars. Harsha Bhatkal, MD of Popular Prakashan, publishers of the book will also be present.

About Popular Prakashan

An 85-year-old publishing house, Popular Prakashan is a name synonymous with high-quality publishing in both English and Marathi. Having pioneered the fields of social sciences and medical publishing in India, Popular has also carved a reputation for itself in the area of general books and children’s books. While authors like the sociologist G S Ghurye, the historians D D Kosambi and Romila Thapar, and the political thinker Jayaprakash Narayan have laid the foundations of Popular’s social science programme, celebrity authors like Sanjeev Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan, among others, have added a new dimension to its list. Popular’s association with Encyclopaedia Britannica, Star Television, Discovery Channel, Chandamama Publications and others has ensured that its books are widely distributed in India and abroad. Its avant-garde list in Marathi, which includes authors like V V Shirwadkar, Vinda Karandikar, Vijay Tendulkar and Gangadhar Gadgil, has given Popular a unique status in Indian literature.
Popular Prakashan has a diverse publishing portfolio across English and multiple Indian languages. We have published over a thousand titles in English and over nine hundred titles in Marathi with significant contribution to Marathi culture and literature. We regularly publish in Hind, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada and Konkani.

Popular Prakashan has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

        Kailash Kher and Prakash Jha team up for “Chakravyuh”   

Recently Kailasa records of singer Kailash Kher released a new album Rangeele ,the promotions of which has gotten Kailash Kher busy.Kailash Kher is travelling the nook and corner of the country for this purpose and was recently in Bhopal for the same. Here he met Director Prakash Jha who is a very good friend of Kailash Kher. Prakash Jha was in the town to finalize the location for the shooting of his upcoming film “Chakravyuh” in which Kailash Kher has also sung a song. Co-incidentally or on purpose, it is still unclear if the character of Abhay Deol in “Chakravyuh” is named as Kabir which also happens to be Kailash Kher’s son’s name

Star cast of  film "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein"

 Sachin Khedekar,Rajesh Upadhyay and Director Pramod Joshi interacted with media and share their 
wonderful moments and experiences while making of the film .

Press Release 

Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd' Bilingual Film Chhodo Kal Ki Baatien (Hindi) and Kashaala Udyaachi Baat (Marathi )Releasing 12th April,2012 All Over India.

January 2012: Veteran actor Anupam Kher will make his Bilingual film in a role in the Chhodo kal Ki Baatien (Hindi) and Kashaala Udyachi Baat’ (Marathi) – by the Sai Prasad Group, a conglomerate which is into foods, properties, finance, infrastructure, construction, energy, media and entertainment. Producer By Balasaheb Bhapkar and Shanshank Bhapkar.

Making a major foray into film production, Sai Prasad Media Pvt. Ltd. consists of three divisions; Entertainment Division, Print Division and Electronic Division. The entertainment Division is soon to release Bilingual Film Chhodo Kal Ki Baatien (Hindi) and ‘Kashala Udyachi Baat’ (Marathi) directed by Pramod Gajanan Joshi and Co-produced by Suresh Lal Shrivastav, Associate produced By Sanjay Roy. The film also stars Sachin Khedekar, Atul Parchure and Mrunal Kulkarni. The film has music by Dr. Salil Kulkarni on the lyrics of Sandeep Khare, while Salil Sahasrabuddhe is the cinematographer for both the versions.Balaji Iyer project executor .

S. L. Shrivastav - Group- CEO, Sai Prasad Media Pvt. Ltd., says, “We are very happy that Anupam Kher  is playing an Anna Hazare like character after the latter won his fight to bring the government around to his views on stringent anti-graft legislation. We have two noted actors Anupam Kher  and Sachin Khedekar playing two strong characters and they will capture the imagination of the country with their performances in this social satire.”

In fact, Anupam Kher was shooting in Pune for the film when on an impulse, he suddenly announced he had to leave for Delhi to join Anna Hazare’s fast-unto-death at the Jantar Mantar. Everyone at the shooting thought there was a family emergency.. Kher cancelled all his other engagements for Anna Hazare. He said he felt the cause to save the nation was far more important than his own personal activities. "Screen pe leader aur neta bahut ban ke dekh liya. I wanted to feel alive by being close to a real crusader. Anna Hazare is a god-sent saviour," the actor says emotionally. "The only time I felt so close to divinity was when I met Mother Teresa."

At the Delhi protest venue,Kher brought the house down with his rendition of the Mukesh anthem "Kissiki muskurahaton pe ho nissar...Jeena ussi ka naam hai". His home came under attack and the actor himself faced a privilege motion in the Maharashtra assembly over his alleged comments about the Indian constitution.

Sai Prasad Media is a fast growing company venturing into several vibrant paths of media. The Print Division publishes a Hindi weekly called ‘Humvatan’. The Electronic Division runs India’s first Hi-Definition Hindi News Channel, ‘News Express’. The Head Honchos of SPGC include: Balasaheb Bhapkar - Chairman Cum Managing Director; S. L. Shrivastav - Group- CEO; Sanjay Roy - Group-Sr.Vice President; Shashank Bhapkar – Director; and Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd  Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd, Pune (India).  Talking about their ambitious foray, Balasaheb Bhapkar - Chairman Cum Managing Director, says, “Never test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. With this belief, the Sai Prasad Group of Companies has venture into films. Our company, which is committed to the values like diligence, honesty, persistence and smart work, has chosen two wonderful intense actors Anupam Kher and Sachin Khedekar for the film foray. I am sure the film will be a big hit.”

S. L. Shrivastav - Group- CEO, says, “Today the Sai Prasad Group comprises 6 companies each having different objectives and dimensions and many more to come in due course of time. Thus we are certainly leading to emerge as a global conglomerate. Our films will have a social message and will reflect the socio-economic growth of our societies & surroundings too, with an objective of upliftment of mankind in the true sense of, ‘ Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya.’”

Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 with an objective of establishing T.V. channels for news, entertainment and to carry out businesses of exhibiting and distributing television films, television programs, video films & other allied activities to promote and share relevant information and entertainment to the society at large. This is an additional venture in the media and entertainment sector to provide latest updates in the national and global arena pertaining to news, businesses, entertainment and other informative contents. The organization encourages out-of-the-box thinking and we offer an environment where initiatives by employees are encouraged. We also have a reward based structure and offer ample opportunities for training and development of the employees for effective performances in the concerned domain of businesses.

The journey of Sai Prasad Group began in 2001 with the establishment of Sai Prasad Foods Ltd on 15th October’2002. Today Sai Prasad Group stands as one of the rapidly expanding organizations in the field of foods & beverage industry, agricultural products, petroleum, real estates, infrastructure, constructions, green energy, education and media entertainment. The Sai Prasad Group Comprises of: Sai Prasad Foods, Sai Prasad Properties, Sai Prasad Finance, Sai Prasad Infra & Constro, Sai Prasad Energy and Sai Prasad Media.

Currently SPGC is located in more than 100 cities, with 131 branches staffed by 1500 employees, 6 lakh advisors serving more than 11 lakh customers and associates. The ultimate goal of Sai Prasad Group of Companies is to provide "Customer Satisfaction & Customer Delight" with diligence, sincerity and commitment which is based on principle of joint participation and expectations of the customers. Established in 2002  this group is incessantly engrossed and committed to find and stride over the newer definitions of just one value…..the value of ‘Customer’s Satisfaction’.

Director: Pramod Joshi, Producer: Balasaheb Bhapkar and Shashank Bhapkar Co-Producer: Suresh Shrivastava, Associate Producer: Sanjay Roy, Star Cast: Anupam KherSachin Khedekar, Mrinal Kulkarni, Atul Parchure, Anjan Shrivastava, Kishori Ambiye, Shruti Welankar, Barkha Bishit Sengupta, Vijay Patkar, Suresh Menon, Rajesh Upadhya, Kishor Paradhan, Raghvendra Kadkol, Swapnil Rajshekhar Dialogue: Pramod Joshi and Raj Kazi Screenplay: Pramod Joshi and Raj Kazi, Cinematographer: Salil Sahastrabuddhe, Music Director: Salil Kulkarni, Music Director (Background score): Bapi Tutul, Lyricist: Sandip Khare, Editor: Shankh Rajadhyaksh, Sound Designer: Dyanesh Kelkar, Production Designer: Siddharth and Bhakti Tatuskar, Choreographer: Saroj Khan and Kartik Pal, Film Project ExecutorBalaji Iyer Marketing and Media consultant -Picture N Kraft.


The movie shows the journey of an IT professional (Sachin Khedekar) from his workaholic stage where he always craves for more, to a stage where he is satisfied and content and living the present. During this journey he comes across an interesting inspirational individual, Charismatic Blind man (Anupam Kher) who makes him understand the importance of living life wholeheartedly. Overall the film is a feel good cinema suiting all ages.

For Further Information Contact Parul Chawla: 9833577407/ 9594621831/ 022-22926509

Shilpi Duggal

19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road
Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053 &
Tel Nos.9833577407/  022 -22926509 / 9004136155

Kalpana Lazmi released the audio of album Bihu Strings by Sunita K Bhuyan at Nehru Center,Worli

Sunita K Bhuyan who is well known violinist released her first album Bihu Strings with live performance at Nehru center in Worli. Kalpana Lazmi came along with her mother Lalitha Lazmi to release the album and to watch her performance.Gauri from Times Music also came with her family .Other guest who came for the event were Brinda Chudasma Miller,Smita Dandekar,Bhavna Joshi,Kasturi Borkotoki,Suman,Poonam Salecha .The auditorium was full and everyone loved her performance.The album is released by Times music.b>
Himanshu Jhunjhunwla

Juhi Chawla and Salim Suleman released the audio of Dinesh Mahavir debut album Remember Me at Sea Princess,Juhu

Sandeep Mahavir younger brother of singer Dinesh Mahavir became the perfect host to organise the audio release of debut album Remember Me at Sea Princess,Juhu.He invited all relatives and friends from music field and Bollywood.Shekhar Suman came first directly from his shoot.Juhi Chawla came to release the audio with Salim and Suleman.Other guest who came for the event were Shravan Rathod,Roop Kumar,Sunali,Reewa Rathod,Bali Brahmbhatt,Prachi Shah,Shahid Mallya,Kavita Krishnamurty,Mitali.Juhi chawla told media that she is very happy to be part of this event and she is learning music from Dinesh Mahavir.Dinesh Mahavir thanked everyone who came for the event .The music is released in market by Worldwide Records.Asha Devi wife of late K Mahavir and mother of Dinesh and Sandeep Mahavir felt very happy with the response of the media and guest.Dinesh Mahavir also performed live for the guest and media.

Himanshu Jhunjhunwla

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