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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spicy News

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev and Social Activist Anna Hazare’s Dharna is highlighted in film ‘Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited’ is releasing on 13th April 2012
Mumbai. Deepak Tanvar who is producer & director of the film told that film is about burning topic of our country which are dharnas, spreading very fastly in the capital of India. Deepak Tanwar added that India is the country of dharnas where from the time of Gandhiji to Anna Hazare people raise their voice through hunger strike.

Associate Director Sunil Parashar, Writer & Creative Director said this Film spoof on Dharnas, how dharnas get manage, in Nutshell "Its Truth behind Dharna".Film is releasing on 13th April 2012 by Dilsa distibuter’s Dilip Kumar Dhanwani in Mumbai Circuit
 Dharna is not a new trend in India but this time around Dharna is widely used for publicity gimmick rather than for a social cause. In recent times, the frequency of Dharnas as well as their truth was highlighted when leaders like Yog Guru Baba Ramdev and Social Activist Anna Hazare’s Dharna’s failed to attract the required public support. This fact is highlighted in the upcoming film ‘ Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited’.
The producer and director Deepak Tanwar says” I’m well aware of the fact that this film can disturb many top level politicians and leaders but I want to show the real scenario of such dramas and I won’t shy away from the reality because certain people with power can object to it.”
  Film is starring Omkar Das Manikpuri (Natha of Peepli Live), Milind Gunaji, Mushtaq Khan, Sunil Pal, Ehsaan Qureshi and Chandra Bhusan Singh,Rekha Rana, Shaurabh Malik,Deepak Tanwar, Sunil Parashar etc
          Sanjay Sharma Raj 
John Abraham scores a hat trick

With the recent success of Sajid Nadiadwala’s Housefull 2 , its safe to say that John Abraham scored a hat trick with his latest hit ,post his last two successes Force and Desi Boyz –

Apart from his action image, the actor‘s first tryst with the out and out slapstick comedy hit bulls eye with the film collecting a whopping 15.25 crores on its opening day.

Overwhelmed with the figures the film is drawing in said John Abraham “Hard-work makes you have faith in your ability, but hits give you the confidence! Hits give the actor the market sale-ability and credibility that one needs to continue to try and experiment whether as an actor or producer. And to gain that confidence, it’s important to get that hit tag here. I am fortunate to be a part of a successful franchise of Housefull and I am thankful for having been considered good enough for Housefull 2.”

On asking the actor which genre he prefers, John affirms “I take my work seriously, be it comedy or action. In fact, I’m still game for other genres too. Be it action or comedy - You can do both, separately or together. Both have their own fun.But since audiences love it, action is becoming a staple diet in my films, even comedies”
Mohit Chauhan is all praises for Drummer Mukul Dongre

Mukul Dongre, the drummer is very excited nowadays as he got to perform with one of the talented singer Mohit Chauhan at NCPA.

Mukul Dongre says, “It was a fun to perform with Mohit Chauhan. He is a smooth singer with a pure soul full of talent. This event marks one of my best performances. For me sharing a stage with such a great singer was like a dream come true.”

Mohit Chauhan says, “Mukul is a treat to watch while he is drumming. Just watch him in the middle of his Kit Set Up and you will go crazy wondering as to how this wizard of his art must be manipulating the whole musical paraphernalia and creating magical and mind blowing sensational music. A Star is born in the music world. While performing with mukul I have become a fan of him. I wish him all the best for his career”.

An enigma to drum up the sounds from around the Globe is our very own Mumbai prodigy, "Mukul Dongre". Mukul is a well-oiled percussion machine equally brilliant with Indian Taal system as on drums in the land of tabla.   As a Percussionist and a Modern Drummer, he is a class of his own, having played with the best and the greatest. Mukul Dongre, son of the well-known Indian classical violinist Mr. Madhav Dongre, is one of the rare musicians who have brought the flavour of Indian music through western ways, keeping western grooves rocking.

Cricketer turned Bodybuilder turned Drummer, is one of the forerunners in the industry, forever pushing the limits and boundaries of music and leading to creative and unconventional drumming. He is capable of subtler, funkier grooves on the one hand and awe-inspiring solo improvisations on the other. In fact his technical virtuosity is such that his flash could sometimes overwhelm his music.

Mukul’s drumming reflects power, technique, dynamics and musicality. He adds his own innovative concepts and strengths, thus creating a percussive punch that's unique and his alone, yet highly musical and groove-oriented. He can play in a wide variety of musical genres, but is perhaps most notable for his fusion and Latin music playing. He is mostly known for Afro Cuban Latin drumming which is rare in India. He uses all four limbs both individually and as a collective to present multi-timbral sound scapes, adding Konnakol (the art of performing percussion syllables vocally) which is the fifth element in his Independence drumming, defining the drum set as a contemporary solo instrument for the world stage.

Generally acclaimed as a fusion drummer, Mukul harnessed his amazing dexterity into South & North Indian complexities. Not only does he attack the boundaries of a solo performer but he is credited to have had the honour to have performed with eminent artists as Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt.Suresh Talwalkar, Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, Trilok Gurtu, Fazal Quereshi, Taufiq Quereshi, Rekha Bhardwaj, Niladri Kumar, Aman & Ayan Ali Khan, Rakesh Chaurasia, Kai Eckhardt, George Brooks,Pt. Ronu Majumdar & many more top artists from India.

His drumming entices you invoking curiosity as to what else he's going to offer. His sensational drumming skills make him an extraordinary stage performer. He is highly disciplined and is always keen to explore new ways of connecting with his audiences. Mukul endorses Premier Drums Artist Maple Series & Meinl Cymbals

His special tour was with world renowned guitarist Jeremy Spencer of Fleetwood Mac. His credentials also include performances with accomplished Indian classical artistes. Besides jazz he is comfortable performing both Hindustani and carnatic styles of Indian classical music.

Mukul has performed all over the world, including locations such as London, USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, UAE, Singapore and many more.

His performances entertains you rhythmically and musically, as he mixes large doses of creativity by taking standard, classic and complicated material which have captivated audiences not only in India, but around the world.. These high accolades have been received for Mukul’s solos across the world for which he has received exceptional reviews. 

An explosive, energetic, foot-tapping, exciting & most intense drumming*Weaving an interesting percussive display, his solo demonstrates solidarity of his skills...

His DEBUT ALBUM" AFTER U"- b'coz music matters is released recently, as a composer.

AFTER U have various styles of music. It’s a perfect blend of elements of jazz, Classical ragas, Bollywood rock, Latin, devotional jazz fusion, hip thumri, afro techno thus creating the effect of modern world fusion music. It’s a sonic adventure.

Smooth soulful vocals, dynamic jazzy drumming, authentic tabla bols, afro Cuban clave Solos, face melting rock guitars, uplifting harmonies, Indian Oral Percussions (konnakol) are the Highlights of the album.

The album features world renowned bassist Kai Eckhardt, singers Rekha Bhardwaj, Vijay Prakash, Shounak Abhisheki, Vivienne Pocha, Nueman Pinto and of course Mukul's first song as singer as well. The other best musicians associated with album are guitarist Sanjay Divecha, Rakesh Chaurasia, Chintoo Singh, Floyd Fernandes, Harmeet Manseta, Aggi Fernandes, Santosh Mulekar, Sonu Sangameshwaran & Sangeet Mishra among others..  

Composed & produced by Mukul Dongre, Lyrically designed by Rajan Ranade, K.C.Loy & Asif Ali Beg, After U has bold new rhythmic approach towards melodies, foot tapping grooves, Interesting new pickups which will get your creative juices flowing… and will leave you asking for more..."B'coz Music Matters."

For Further Information Contact Parul Chawla: 9833577407/9594621831/022-22926509



Picture N Kraft
19/101 Mhada Complex,Oshiwara Garden Lane,New Link Road
Andheri (West) Mumbai-400053 &
Tel Nos.9833577407/ 9594621831 / 022 -22926509

*Rozlyn Khan’s breast cancer awareness video goes viral!*

Firebrand actress Rozlyn Khan, who went topless to promote breast cancer
awareness last week, has now gone a step further and released a video on
the internet, displaying a six-step self-examination to help women diagnose
the initial symptoms of breast cancer.

The four-minute video which went viral beginning this week has been
aesthetically shot and can prove vital for early detection of the malady.

"We all know that early detection of breast cancer can save lives. However,
many never bother for a check-up till their issues reach a stage where
medical intervention becomes an absolute necessity," Rozlyn points out.

"Through my simple self-examination video, I intend to spread maximum
awareness, inform and educate everyone about the malady and do my bit to
save lives," adds the actress.

Rozlyn also makes it a point to warn all Bollywood glam girls and
fashionistas who go for implants for breast enhancement, saying, "It might
feel good to have bigger breasts to attract more male attention and
eyeballs, but such cosmetic interference brings along a lot of risks too."

She hopes her awareness video helps bring clarity on more such issues.however she has got lovely response for video thousands in a day are watching it.

*A link of Rozlyn’s video on breast cancer awareness:*



Spicy News

BBC World News Horizons examines advances in nanotechnology
in Houston, USA and Cambridge, England

Broadcasting on BBC World News on Saturday, April 14th  and Sunday, April 15th 2012

In the second episode of the series, Horizons presenters Adam Shaw and Saima Mohsin travel to the United States and the United Kingdom to explore the burgeoning science of nanotechnology. The technology enables scientists to arrange atoms and molecules to create new materials and devices which could have the potential to change our world through applications in medicine, electronics, biomaterials and energy production.

Horizons co-presenter Saima Mohsin begins at Rice University in Houston, Texas where she meets  Professor James Tour, one of the world’s leading pioneers of nanotechnology.  Saima explores technology that enables engineers to manipulate substances at the nano-scale and advances which could see the development of much faster and even flexible electronics, such as the production of a carbon based ink which can be printed onto flexible films to create electronic circuits powered by radio waves.  Saima also learns about what’s being called the next super material-- Graphene, one of the strongest and most conductive materials ever found. 

Professor James Tour said: “Graphene is a single sheet of graphite only one atom thick.  This is an amazing material.  It’s made up of all carbon and the carbon bond is one of the strongest bonds in the universe.  The other thing about Graphene that is really quite amazing is its electronic properties.  You can move information through Graphene at a very high rate, probably one hundred times faster than we can compute today.  It has materials applications, electronics applications.  The applications go into entirely new types of devices we haven’t even begun to envision yet.  It’s huge.”

Back in the UK, award-winning business journalist Adam Shaw visits Cambridge to learn about two companies using nanotechnology in applications which could save lives.  At Endomagnetics, Adam finds out how nanotechnology research is already offering an alternative way to detect breast cancer, using a new technology called Sentimag which uses magnetic tracers that are safer and more widely available than the radioactive tracers currently in use.  He sees the technique being trialed by specialists at Guys Hospital in London and explores whether it could ultimately revolutionize the treatment of cancer globally.

Mr Michael Douek, Guys Hospital, London explained: “I have been working on breast magnetic resonance imaging for many years.  It’s the first time we can use a hand held device to guide us to something we can actually see on magnetic resonance imaging.  It does assist the surgeon in finding the lymph gland to drain a breast tumour.  The technology is novel and has many exciting applications in breast cancer treatment.”

Finally Adam visits Owlstone Nanotech, another Cambridge-based company which is leading the field in chemical detection systems.  Using the latest nanofabrication techniques, the organization has created a device that can be programmed to detect a wide range of airborne chemical agents in extremely small quantities.  This technology could have a huge range of applications including, as Adam discovers, the development of a breathalyzer that would allow doctors to detect the presence of individual chemicals in a subject’s breath which could play a vital role in the non-invasive diagnosis of disease like diabetes in the future.

Spicy News

Bengaluru Changes the Game with Pepsi T20 Football
·         32 teams with 224 amateur players from Bengaluru play football in a fast paced Pepsi T20 format in a cage
·         City finalists to compete at a national level to train with an international football star and to play T20 football against the Indian cricket stars

8 April 2012, Bengaluru: Bangaloreans witnessed football being played in a revolutionary new format inside a unique metallic cage at the City Finale of Pepsi T-20 Football. 224 amateur players showcased their game changing moves in front of the rising star of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli and other football fans at the Phoenix Market City Mall. The fever of football gripped the city as the Youngistaanis enjoyed the thrill of the sport. Friends and families of the players and other football fanatics were seen cheering the teams and celebrating every goal that was made. The crowd was seen enjoying the sport and the exciting environment comprising of music, dance and Pepsi.

32 teams of 7 players each played the knock-out matches of 20-minutes each and after a series of matches over Saturday and Sunday, the __________ team headed by Captain ______ emerged as the city finalists. This team will get an opportunity to represent Bengaluru in the finale scheduled to take place in Delhi in June this year. Final Game Changing team will be coached by an international football star and play football against the Indian cricket stars.

Homi Battiwalla, Category Director - Colas, Hydration & Mango Based Beverages, PepsiCo India said, “We are delighted to see the excitement around the city finale and would like to congratulate the winning team on their success. Pepsi T20 Football takes forward the brand’s philosophy of Change the Game by taking football outside the conventional domain and giving it a refreshing twist. It’s a unique grassroots level initiative mounted at a never before scale in India that aims to take the excitement around the sport to the next level. We are delighted with the spectacular response for the sport here in Bengaluru and the city has truly Changed the Game”.

Congratulating the winning team and talking about the initiative Virat Kohli said, “I would like to congratulate the winning team and to all players for putting forward an exciting game of football. I am glad that Pepsi is taking the initiative to popularize the sport in our country and hope that the Youngistaanis take forward the spirit and make it big”.

Pepsi T20 Football is a revolutionary new format for amateurs, which combines the excitement and fun of T20 style of playing with the speed, thrill and spirit of football. Amateur footballers between the age of 14 & 30 years were asked to register in 7-member teams at designated venues. Chennai already has its finale winning team and after selecting the finalists in Bengaluru, the league continues to Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, Ludhiana and Delhi for similar knock out style matches over the next few weeks. A total of 8 teams, including 1 winning team from each city and 1 wild card entry will compete to emerge as ‘Game Changers’. They will then get the opportunity to be coached by an international football star before they face the Cricket Stars at the Grand Finale.

For more information, log on to or

For further information, please contact:
Dilip Gopinath Menon/ Anyesha Das / Parakram Hazarika
Genesis Burson-Marsteller
Contact No: +91-9916045494 / +91-9620298477 / +91-9711311668
PS – Final winning team information to be shared by later tonight or tomorrow morning

 Raja Shivchattrapati now on BIG SCREEN

Iconic Chandrakant Productions Pvt. Ltd to launch ‘Raja Shivchattrapati’ - the film and soon to come up with an international movie on the life of the Maratha King

Mumbai, April 4, 2012: Keeping in mind with the overwhelming response and constant demand of the viewers of the popular television serial ‘Raja Shivchattrapati’, Iconic Chandrakant Productions Pvt. Ltd (ICPPL) to launch ‘Raja Shivchattrapati’ - the film on BIG SCREEN on coming April 13, 2012.

The film was first announced on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa – a fitting tribute to the glorious chapter in the Indian history. 

The history of India is incomplete without the history of Marathas and Shivaji is the centre of that history. Shivaji advocated the ideology of Hindavi swarajya. He established a competent and progressive civil rule with the help of well regulated and disciplined military and well structured administrative organizations. His respect for all religions made him a truly great king.

The television show which was aired for over 200 hours was shot by epic technology with a vision of film quality output. It was a mammoth task for the team of ICPPL to convert the entire show into a film of 2 hrs 14 mins. Except shoot, the complete technical process had to be reworked like Dolby Digital, sound mix, colour corrections, graphics to mention few. Raja Shivchattrapati’, the film includes eight major incidences of Shivaji which created history like Birth of Shivaji, oath taken for Hindiva Swarajya at Rohideshwar temple, defeat of Afzal Khan, siege of Panhala by Siddi Jauhar, battle of Pavan Khind, attack on Shaista Khan, arrest in Agra and escape and Coronation.  

The film comprises of hair raising four songs and will soon launch a Music DVD along with the most memorable dialogues and title track of the television show.  
Talking on the launch, Mr Nitin Chandrakant Desai, said ‘From the time I remember, in my school days I have always been fascinated by Shivaji Maharaj. Till date I’ve read a number of books and worked on several projects, stage shows on Shivaji Maharaj including ‘Raja Shivchattrapati’, a TV serial and got record rating from viewers. We are blessed with the golden opportunity to make this epic movie and a huge privilege. We continue to live by abiding to Maharaj’s core values as he has laid strong emphasis on culture, which is an integral part of every individual’s life. The desire for the launch of the movie shows our love for this great Warrior. And we are not going to stop here. In our effort to take Shivaji’s values and culture globally, we have started working on a big International 3D movie on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Hindi and English for the global audience.”

For the past 400 years, this great Maratha warrior has been a source of inspiration and pride to the past generations and will continue to inspire millions of youngsters in the future…


Cast: Dr Amol Kolhe, Mrunal Kulkarni, Avinash Narkar, Yatin Karyekar, Nina Kulkarni…
Creative Director: Prashant Khedekar
Director: Hemant Deodhar and Vijay Rane
Second Unit Director: Kartik Kende
Producer: Nitin Chandrakant Desai, Meena Chandrakant Desai and Neha Nitin Desai
Production Designer: Nitin Chandrakant Desai
Screenplay / Dialogue: Dr Shirish Gopal Deshpande and Pratap Gangawane
Music Director: Kaushal Inamdar and Associate Music: Aditya Oak and Nikhilesh Patkar
DOP: Nirmal Jani and Yogesh Jani
Executive Producer: Sameer Kavathekar and Bhushan Telang 
Sound Designer: Vijay Bhope and Rashi Butte
Costume: Neeta Lulla and Poornima Oak
Action: Ravi Diwan
Make – Up: Amod Doshi and Suhas Gavte
Project Advisor: Nitin Kulkarni
Folk Songs: Shahir Vitthal Umap
Special Thanks: Babasaheb Purandare, Devendranath Kasar and Namdevrao Jadhav

Star-studded Opening Ceremony of the home ground of Pune Warriors India - Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium

~Telecast at 6.55 p.m on Sunday, April 8 on Sahara One, Firangi and Filmy ~

Pune, April 5, 2012: The much anticipated opening ceremony of the home ground of Pune Warriors India - Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium in Pune will see the coming together of India’s noted celebrities including Shahenshah of Bollywood, Shri Amitabh Bachchan and Bollywood divas of the likes of Dia Mirza, Sameera Reddy, Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Prachi Desai, Neha Dhupia, Bipasha Basu and Jacqueline Fernandes. The spectators shall also be captivated by a series of special performance that will have 8 forms of cultural dances that included Kashmiri, Bengali, Bhangra, U.P. dance, Rajasthani, Gujarati, South Indian and Lavani dance. The ceremony will be aired on Sunday, April 8 at 6.55 p.m on Sahara One, Filmy and Firangi.

The viewers will experience a remarkable treat of cultural performances with 120 dholak and trumpet players along with 100 lezim dancers showcasing their talent along with an act by 192 cultural dancers. The evening will then be fired up with spellbound performances by the Bollywood divas of the likes of Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza, Preity Zinta, Sameera Reddy, Jacqueline Fernandes, Prachi Desai, and Neha Dhupia who will sizzle on the dance floor with their scintillating moves representing various regions of India.

The ‘Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium’ of Maharashtra Cricket Association is an architectural jewel and has been designed by Sir Michael Hopkins, whereas the structural design has been done by AKT, U.K., setting up a stellar example of civil engineering. Keeping in mind the comfort of spectators, superior and even quality tip-up seats have been imported from Australia and have been installed in all areas of the stadium. The stadium and the seating arrangement have been designed in such a way that an unobstructed view is assured from each and every location making it the best match viewing experience.

M/s Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Limited have constructed the stadium with the modern precast design and construction expertise imported from Dubai. One of the most important features of the stadium is its rain water drainage system. It has been observed that many times rain plays a spoilsport and even light showers for some time force organizers to alter the match size / duration. To overcome this problem, MCA has opted for sand based outfield developed departmentally with technical assistance from STRI Limited, U.K. This technology facilitates faster drainage of rain water and in order to achieve this, a geo-textile fabric has been installed above the ground and perforated PVC pipes have been laid down to slope in trenches. The system has been successfully tested. Even during the heavy showers, water on the outfield drained out fast making it ready for play again just in some minutes.

About Pune Warriors India
Formed in 2010, Pune Warriors India is the Pune Franchise of the India Premier League (IPL). The franchise is owned by Sahara Adventure Sports Limited, a group company of Sahara India Pariwar, one of India's premiere business conglomerates and prime promoter and patron of sports in India. On 21st March 2010, Sahara Adventure Sports Limited had made the winning bid of $370 million (approximately Rs. 1700 crore) for the Pune franchise which is the highest bid by any company in the history of IPL. The franchise made its debut in the fourth season of IPL in 2011.

In the soaring weather if cocktails meets fashion, wont that be a treat? Indeed  ! And  such a treat was recently thrown by designer brand Satya Paul in association with former miss India and painter at heart Anjanna Kuthiala. The occasion was unveiling of Anjanna's latest
series  paintings to honor women achievers like Princess of Jaipur Diya  Kumari, Vandana Malik, Pria Kataaria Puri, Saba Ali Khan, Sona Goyal, Poonam Sethi, Sakshee Pradhan, Sangeeta Mehta,  Renuka Singh and Swati Pandya Sood who have achieved great heights in their fields.   The show though involved the so  called madira yet the event put forth the   powers women possess as Anjanna aptly puts it. The event celebrated divinity and women power.
To celebrate this journey of  women  power,  present  for  the   event  were celebrities like Roadies fame Ashutosh, Dilip Tahil, Imran Khan and Avantika Malik Khan. Imran who was seen  sporting beard, his latest look for Vishal Bharadwaj's film on the occasion said, ''It’s an opportunity to support women in our lives. I am glad to be a part of such an evening.   Anjanna  is one such person who has an eye to spot unseen beauty.''
The women achievers  were seen wearing Satya Paul's latest ensembles specially designed for the event. The beauty of these ladies was brought out not only by the terrific paintings of Anjanna but by the dazzling attires as they walked they walked the red carpet. Though all the women dazzled  in Satya Paul outfit and each one of them looked gorgeous yet Princess Diya of Jaipur was looking stunning in chinki pink shimmering sari while Pria Kataaria Puri looked pretty in the cheery red  sari with zari border and Saba Ali Khan in her cream shimmer sari looked the exact replica of her mother actress Sharmila Tagore.
The women achievers honored for her achievements in their respective fields thanked Anjanna to have ''Immortalized  them on canvas and to have brought out their true souls via her paintings.      ''Vidya was though not present for the evening she did not miss the opportunity to forward her     greetings and gratitude to Anjanna. Vidya's painting had a truly divine touch to it. It was stunning and as Vidya puts it ''more beautiful than she is in her real life!'' The painting of Vidya which was  the most awaited of all depicted her in the avatar of Maa Kali and was indeed blissful watching     Vidya in such a divine role.
Talking about her paintings Anjanna said, ''It is the first time that i have painted living women        legends.'' Jyoti Narula of Satya Paul summed up the event saying, ''It was a pleasure of having       being associated with Anjanna and it was indeed a delight to have the accomplished women like   to these wearing our brand clothes and walk the ramp.'
-          H. S. Communication 

Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd's "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatien" (Hindi)
Releasing 12th April, 2012 all over India.

Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd's Bilingual Film "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein" (Hindi) starring Anupam Kher, Sachin Khedekar, Mrunal Kulkarni, Atul Parchure, Suresh Menon is releasing today i.e. 12th of April,2012 all over India.

This Bilingual Film is directed by Pramod Joshi and produced by Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd, Co-produced by Suresh Lal Shrivastav and Associate produced By Sanjay Roy. Music is directed by Saleel Kulkarni and lyrics are of Sandeep Khare. Salil Sahasrabuddhe is the cinematographer for both the versions. Balaji Iyer is the project executor.

Director Pramod Joshi says, "I am really excited that our film is releasing and our hard work is going to be placed before the public now I am eager to know the reactions of the people about the story, screenplay, music and of course my direction".

Producer Balasaheb Bhapkar says, “We are releasing Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein (Hindi) starring Anupam Kher and Sachin Khedekar with a good subject & conclusion. We have spice to the Film with a Item Number featuring Barkha Bisht. Our Film is hitting the theatres today and we are hopeful that the Film becomes a hit of 2012".

Anupam Kher exclaim, “I am praying to God that my character in the film must be liked by everyone as this is the one of the best performance and hope for the best for the film to do commercially."

Sachin Khedekar says, “It’s very good feeling when your film is on release. I hope that the film do well in both Hindi and also in Marathi as its song are doing and all the people who watch this movie will surely learn some lessons of life and follow the same.

 "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatien" (Hindi) shows the journey of an IT professional (Sachin Khedekar) from his workaholic stage where he always craves for more, to a stage where he is satisfied and content and living the present. During this journey he comes across an interesting inspirational individual, Charismatic Blind man (Anupam Kher) who makes him understand the importance of living life wholeheartedly. Overall the film is a feel good cinema suiting all ages.


The movie shows the journey of an IT professional (Sachin Khedekar) from his workaholic stage where he always craves for more, to a stage where he is satisfied and content and living the present. During this journey he comes across an interesting inspirational individual, Charismatic Blind man (Anupam Kher) who makes him understand the importance of living life wholeheartedly. Overall the film is a feel good cinema suiting all ages.

For Further Information Contact Parul Chawla:-983357740/9594621831/022-22926509


First and seventh row respectively for Riccardo Moretti and Sarath Kumar at the start of the second 125GP/Moto3 race of the year at the Italian Championship in Imola's Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. After heavy rain fall the Italian track was still wet for the 125/Moto3 race. Riccardo Moretti got a good start and had to fight immediately with Moto3 riders for the first overall position. At the end of the 10th lap Moretti got the chequered flag while his team-mate Kumar ended up with a fantastic 7th position. At the end of this second race Moretti maintains the leadership in the standings with 50 points, Kumar on the other hand is currently ninth thanks to the 9 points obtained today. Next CIV race is scheduled for the 29th of April at Monza.

Imola – 125 GP- Italian Championship – Race :  1) Moretti (Mahindra) – 2) Dalla Porta (Aprilia)  – 3) Mantovani (Aprilia)  - 4) Carpi (Aprilia) – 5) Mazzola (Aprilia) – 6) Arciero (Aprilia) - 7) Kumar (Mahindra)

Riccardo Moretti: "It's been a really tough race. My bike improved a lot compared to yesterday's qualifying, but we were not still 100% with the set-up. My technicians were still impressive to allow me t to win the second race in a row in the Italian Championship.
I was involved in some hard fight straight after the start with some Moto3 riders and it's been a good race, although the track conditions have made it all harder. I'm happy for the win and I want to thank Mahindra and all my team."

Sarath Kumar : It is a great feel of pride and satisfaction for having scored my first points in an international championship. I am thankful to all the encouragement and support given to me by my team, my manager and the Mahindra Group.

Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra: We are ecstic about our second consecutive win in the Italian Championship today.Riccardo Moretti has shown tremendous skill and expertise in negotiating the circuit under damp conditions. We are particularly proud of our fellow Indian Sarath Kumar for scoring his first ever International points.

About The Mahindra Group
The Mahindra Group focuses on enabling people to rise. Mahindra operates in the key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in tractors, utility vehicles, information technology and vacation ownership. Mahindra has a presence in the automotive industry, agribusiness, aerospace, components, consulting services, defence, energy, financial services, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, retail, steel and two wheelers. A US $14.4 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India, Mahindra employs more than 144,000 people in over 100 countries.In 2011, Mahindra featured on the Forbes Global 2000 list, a listing of the biggest and most powerful listed companies in the world. Dun & Bradstreet also ranked Mahindra at No. 1 in the automobile sector in its list of India’s Top 500 Companies. In 2010, Mahindra featured in the Credit Suisse Great Brands of Tomorrow.In 2011, Mahindra acquired a majority stake in Korea’s SsangYong Motor Company.For further information, please visit  |  Connect with us on
For further information:

Ms. Roma Balwani
Senior Vice President & Group Head, Corporate Communications
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Ms Elisa Tamburro
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Singer Kailash Kher will sing for Vishwas

In the Siri Fort auditorium of capital city Delhi there will be a musical show organized by an NGO named “Vishwas” on 11th April at 7:00 pm. This NGO has been working for the betterment, upliftment and development of Handicapped children. For this musical show popular singer Kailash Kher will be specially coming directly from his UK tour to entertain his audience with his songs. Talking about “Vishwas” singer Kailash Kher says, “I have complete trust on the efforts of “Vishwas” and I give them my best wishes that they do more such noble deeds in future as well. And in future also I will lend my hand to them whenever they need it.”

According to Vishwas’s Neelam Jolly “Vishwas is a trust which is working for past 6 years to provide health, development and other necessary amenities for the children. The trust is not only  running a school for more than 200 children but is also providing the necessities to more than 25,000 poor people across 21 villages and is putting efforts to fulfill the needs of more than 500 handicapped children. Along with this, it also organizes programs for adults to make them independent and able. Vishwas was established in 2005 in Saap ki Nagli which is near a village Sohana in the state of Haryana.In the year 2007 in Gurgoan’s Government’s Primary school they started their work. This school which was in ruins was rebuilt by Vishwas and by the year 2009 Vishwas started providing Education for Students in reputed schools.”

-      H.S.Communication


-- Anupam Kher and Sachin Khedekar of Film "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein" 
Shares a close bonding

In Film Industry there are many actors who treat their co - actors as competitors, very few form their professional relationship into personal bonding. But for ace actors like Sachin Khedekar and Anupam Kher of Film Sai Prasad Group "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein" , their personal bonding plays important role for their tuning to work together presently.

Actor Sachin Khedekar says, "Working with Anupamji was very great experience and unforgettable moments. I developed a great relationship with him. I am working with him for the first time in Bi - Lingual Film, in starting days of the shoot I was a little bit worried thinking how it would be working with him for the first time, how would I try to be at his level of performance, and etc etc, but as I met him all my questions were answered and I got very comfortable with him. After shoots we use to chat and giggle with him on his jokes. Personally, for me Anupamji is a excellent actor and philospher and plays the same for me in the Film."

"For a film to have good characters is to be compatible and have positive views for each other. They must share good bonding on sets as well as after the shoot, then only the characters get emotionally connected in reality and pours good results for the film and thankfully the actors of "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein" i.e Anupam Kher and Sachin Khedekar had become good buddies and that's the reason of their best performances in the Film." added Director Pramod Joshi.

Sai Prasad Media Pvt Ltd presents Bilingual Film "Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein" (Hindi) and "Kashala Udyaachi Baat (Marathi) releasing 12th of April,2012, Directed by Pramod Joshi and Starring Anupam Kher, Sachin Khedekar, Mrunal Kulkarni, Atul Parchure, Suresh Menon. shows the journey of an IT professional (Sachin Khedekar) from his workaholic stage where he always craves for more, to a stage where he is satisfied and content and living the present. During this journey he comes across an interesting inspirational individual, Charismatic Blind man (Anupam Kher) who makes him understand the importance of living life wholeheartedly. Overall the film is a feel good cinema suiting all ages.   



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the chevrolet Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) AWARDS
~ Includes new additions in categories of POP, ROCK, DANCE and GHAZAL~

April 9, 2012, Mumbai: The Chevrolet Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) Awards, the most definitive recognition platform of the Indian Music industry,is all set to kick offits 3rdeditionby inviting entries. GiMA provides a unified platform to celebrate and recognise those who push the boundaries of Indian Music, across a wide range of film and non-film music genres. This year, for the first time, GiMA has included new categories in POP, ROCK, DANCEand GHAZAL, making it a total of 13 awards in the Non-Film music categories and 10 awards for Film music.With greater representation of Indie artistes, GiMA has incorporated more contemporary music this year.

Text Box: “The Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) Awards is an effort to provide the music industry with a unified platform to celebrate the laurels of the music fraternity. We are glad to be coming together again to celebrate music at the 3rd edition of GiMA, the event this year like all these years will highlight and recognise talent, creativity, accomplishments and set newer standards. We are looking forward to an overwhelming response.”
Director - Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. LtdSpeaking on the occasion, GiMA Advisory Board member and eminent singer-music director Shankar Mahadevan said, “GiMA has been a pioneering effort to bring together the entire music industry on one illustrious platform to honor artists & musicians in front of their peers. I am personally very excited about the new categories being introduced this year. With the emergence of digital platforms and new channels for music discovery, exposure to newer genres of music is also picking up. GiMA is an excellent platform to encourage new-age talent; it is a great way of nurturing music and talent across traditional and contemporary genres.”

Music Labels, Film Producers and Independent artistes are now invited to enter music released between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012. The GiMA entry process is completely online wherein participants can fill and submit their forms at

Entries for this year’s GiMA Awards will close on April 25th, 2012.

GiMA is the ONLY Music Awardsplatform with a voting process based on peer-to-peer recognition. Nominees are selected by aneminent Jury panel of over 30 members. The GiMA Academy, comprising over 300 members from the music & film industry encompassing industry stalwarts, music directors, producers, lyricists, singers, technicians, composers and leaders of the music industry, then votes for the final winners in a secret ballot process. Some of the eminent names from the Academy includeJaved Akhtar, Dr. L. Subramanium, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Shubha Mudgal, Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Mukesh Bhatt, Kailash Kher, Lesle Lewis, Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant to name a few. The Academy’s votes are then tabulated by KPMG, who are the process auditors for GiMA.

Looking back, GiMA has staged some of the most memorable acts by bringing great artistes & musicians together at this very prestigious award ceremony. Year 2011 saw music maestro A.R.Rahman being felicitated with the ‘Global Musician Honour’while India’s young music icon Sonu Nigam bagged the ‘Youth Music Icon’title. Other key highlights of 2011 included the LIVE orchestra duo-performance act by none other than legendary music composer Pyarelalji along with Sonu Nigam on some of the most unforgettable Laxmikant-Pyarelal hits from the golden era. Also, one cannot forget the beautiful Priyanka Chopra’s tribute to the industry’s talented female playback singers where Kavita Krishnamurthy, Rekha Bhardwaj, Usha Uthup and Sunidhi Chauhan sang LIVE to her spectacular performance.

About GiMA:

The Chevrolet Global Indian Music Academy (GIMA) Awards, an initiative by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd wasstarted in 2010 to acknowledge and give the Music industry a unified platform to celebrate their talent, promote and recognize Indian music’s transcending genres in the country. GiMA is a unique initiative in Indian music with a vision to honour artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in Indian music. Launched in 2010, the Global Indian Music Academy Awards is a flagship initiative under the aegis of the Academy which strives to bring the music fraternity on asingle platform to promote Indian music and musicians. GiMA Awards is the only property that provides a unique platform that honours talent across various genres in Indian music, giving them the same importance and recognition. An initiative of Wizcraft International, the Chevrolet GiMA Awards powered by Micromax is partnered by IMI, T-Series, MCAI, SAI and other key constituents of the music industry. For more information on the Global Indian Music Awards, please visit

About-Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd:

Wizcraft International Entertainment, India’s leading Event and Entertainment Company is dedicated to showcasing its expertise on the world stage. The Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) and The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) are some of its initiatives. Having begun its operations in 1988, Wizcraft has conceptualized and produced events staged in Mauritius, UK, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Iraq, Australia and Sri Lanka among others. Wizcraft’s clientele comprise leading global corporates, governments of various countries, leading international entertainment and sports associations, and celebrities. The company is focused on providing Global Event Management Solutions at the doorstep of its global clientele.

For further information, please contact:
Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd:

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